Writing Resources

There are many, many resources on the web for writers.  I’ve listed below some of the ones I know, loosely organized over the life of the creative cycle:

“tools” — straight writing tools;

“writing” — sources of writing help;

“info” — sources of information on agents, publishers, contests and the like;

“books” — a couple of sources for free or reduced electronic books;

“publish” — sources you’ll need when the book or short story is ready.

Sourc Comment Contact Cost
tools Jennifer Wylie Librarian at the Cotuit, MA library and an articulate educator in electronic media. The listing of sources on her website is one of the most comprehensive list of good sites I’ve seen. http://www.jenniewiley.com/cool-stuff/ free
tools Scrivener from Literature & Latte. A truly magnificent software, mainly because its power is backed by an excellent support staff. http://literatureandlatte.com purchase
writing Writing Tips General information about a lot of writing issues. I use it occasionally http://www.dailywritingtips.com free
writing Meetup Source for meetings in your area. Source for two writing groups in my area. http://www.meetup.com free to use
writing Poets & Writers Magazine, Internet presence. Similar to Writers Digest with much less annoying marketing.   Good source of publishers and writing contests. http://www.pw.org limited free
writing Query Shark Critique of query letters by literary agent Janet Reid; her rejects are good learning opportunities queryshark.blogspot.com free
writing Writers Digest Listing of many courses and books. The behemoth in writing. Very commercial. If you sign up, prepare for dozens of e-mails per week. My experience is that quality is spotty, ranging from good (a course I took) to banal (an online course). http://writersdigest.com mag
writing Writers Market    subsidiary of Writers Digest, something they don’t always make clear. Mainly products http://www.writersmarket.com free
info Absolute Write Water Cooler A very active discussion board. Easiest place to find real-world opinions. Reminds one to be careful/sensible about using Internet resources. I have run into some quite nasty people, but also some helpful sources. http://absolutewrite.com/forums/ free
info AgentQuery Agent and publication listing. Nicely organized & offers publishers & contest listing..  www.agentquery.com limited free
info Duotrope Another source of information. Very strong on publishers. A good submissions tracker. I use it to track short story submissions. duotrope.com limited free
info Firstwriter Agent and publication listing; An alternate to my favorites querytracker, publishers world and duotrope. Somewhat commercial http://www.firstwriter.com limited free
info Literary Marketplace Of the agent/publisher search engines, this is the one most often suggested by publishers. I use Querytracker more often, a personal choice. http://www.literarymarketplace.com limited free
info Publishers Marketplace The granddaddy of publisher information. Specifics on deals, agents, publishers. ‘Super Search’ is good for deep background and current deals. http://www.publishersmarketplace limited free
info Query Tracker Agent and publication search. Of the several available, this is the one I use. Nice tracking database function, also valuable ‘Who Reps Whom’ function that will help you find the agent that reps an author you think of as a comparable. querytracker.net limited free
info Writer Beware teases out the underside of publishing; SF focused http://accrispin.blogspot.com/ free
books bookbub.com One of a number of sites offering free or reduced price books … good for getting comparables http://www.bookbub.com free
books Freebooksy One of a number of sites offering free or reduced price books … good for getting comparables freebooksy.com free
publish 99 Designs Book cover design. You describe the book and the amount you’re willing to pay and artists bid on the job. 99designs.com free to look
publish Bookfox Listing of literary journals, ranked by prestigious awards. http://www.thejohnfox.com free
publish Clifford Stang blog Listing of literary journals, ranked by prestigious awards. http://cliffordgarstang.com free
publish Goodreads There are two big sources of book reviews for the folks that don’t make it into the New York Times: Amazon and Goodreads. Of the two, Goodreads is far better. List books you’ve read, look at what others are reading. (Amazon recently bought them, though.) http://www.goodreads.com free
publish Red Room Publicity and sales for published writers. redroom.com fee
publish Scribd A wonderful free source to list your stories. Not a publisher, but a good way to (e.g.) put up a published short story and link it to your blog. Lots of books; a good source of comps (if you subscribe). http://www.scribd.com/ limited free
publish Smashwords e-book publishing; second behind the Amazon behemoth. http://www.smashwords.com free
publish The Market List “The online resource for genre fiction writers.” http://www.marketlist.com free
publish CreateSpace Amazon’s self publishing house for printed books. Very automated. I haven’t published, but have seen both good and very poor examples of physical production http://www.createspace.com fee


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