Here are some of the people that populate my stories:

Joe Mayfield (Protagonist of Fatal Score and Skins and Bone)

Joe Mayfield likes to think of himself as an ordinary guy.  First among equals on his best days, maybe, but an ordinary guy.

In Fatal Score, he and his artist wife Cynthia are living in Orlando, FL, he a manager in the treasury department of a large utility and she an artist of rising reputation.  Then Cynthia is diagnosed with cancer, is refused life-saving treatment and dies.  Joe, grieving and furious, hacks into the massive database the government has created to protect critical data (including medical records) from malicious cyber attacks.  He finds hints that the system has been corrupted, tips off originators of a malicious software called Phoenix and raises the attention of Weezy.  When Phoenix decides to erase Joe, he takes off on an off the grid meander that takes him to New Orleans, up the Blues Highway, to a North Dakota diner, finally a singlewide trailer in Panacea, Florida.

Louise “Weezy” Napolitani (Co-protagonist of Fatal Score and Skins and Bone)

Weezy is what the IACC calls a Tracker, protecting the world’s most secure database from unwanted intrusions and identifying the perpetrators.  “Weezy’s a pistol,” according to Adam Ambrosio, who works with her in the bullpen at N-Ops.  Five-foot-six, slender to the point that Adam once observed, “Look at her sideways, all’s you get’s T&A.”  She’s given to wearing whatever is on top of the clothes pile in the morning, and details like combing her lush chestnut mop usually don’t make it onto her priority list.  ‘Weezy’ came along with her younger brother’s first words and stuck.  Stuck because it fits her.  ‘Louise Napolitani’ is too long, too formal, too time-consuming.  She’s antic, moving, drumming her fingers, impatient.  Almost always serious, dangerous to tangle with in a debate about nearly anything.  She graduated MIT at 19, got her Masters in Computer Science and Operations Research at 21.  (Fatal Score, “Weezy”)

Tosheka Jackson (antagonist in Fatal Score)

Beautiful, highly accomplished operative for the shadowy software called Phoenix by its originator, Jason Squitieri.  Tosheka has been placed in Florida Consolidated Energy, where Joe works, to manage the insertion of Phoenix into the company database.  Phoenix is a sophisticated program with a simple idea:  skim millions, maybe billions of medical care payments.  Of course, this will involve the death of hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

Ross Ackerman (Antagonist in Skins and Bone)

Ackerman is head of trading at the investment banking firm Zhou, Cadwallon and Gordon.  ZCG specializes in a complex financial derivative product called Skins.  Skins are designed to protect against economic risk.  Ackerman figures a way to make bad things happen with the help of Nick Braithwaite, a tough South African soldier of fortune.  The result:  Ackerman buys his own Skins and makes a fortune.


© 2012-2015 John Baird Rogers

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