I’ve always thought of music and writing as connected, kind of the way light has component colors.  Poet, storyteller, musician, writer — we’re all after a good story, that’s all.  And a good story is the substance of humanity isn’t it?  Language … the ability to capture an idea and keep it, give it to others.

My college English major gave me a wonderful introduction to the world of ideas.  Even though my favorite course was creative writing, I never considered being a writer.  I did contemplate being a musician, briefly.  But then I evaluated my talent compared to that of all those great people playing around Greenwich Village when I lived there and … stuck with finance.  But the urge to make music and put words together is not something that just goes away.  You can put it on the shelf, but never in the trash.  I kept playing the guitar, spinning out those fine stories the bluesmen were so good at telling, and I kept thinking that if I only had the time, I’d write.

Well, finally, I have the time, as well as a warmhearted family, an exquisite guitar and the love of a fine woman.  Can’t ask for more.  Except maybe a publisher.