The World in a Decade

As followers of this blog, you know I have been working on two novels, Fatal Score (used to be Hack the Yak) and Skins and Bone.  Both are set in the near future, which has led me to predict how the world will be a decade from now.  I could use some creative help on what you envision, or at least a critique of the assumptions I’ve made.  Take a look at this page and give me your ideas.Future

My own vision is either optimistic or fatalistic, depending on your outlook.  Despite the current refugee/2,000-mile fence/deportation/security situation, I’m projecting that the world will not be greatly different in ten years than it is today.  (Among other things, I have neither the knowledge base nor the patience to predict politics.)  So I’ve projected that the world in which my protagonists Joe and Weezy operate will be a mix of the familiar (singlewide trailer, boneheaded boss, diner serving breakfast in North Dakota) and the new (iPhone continuing to evolve, surgically implanted phone receivers, luxury trains, self-navigating cars, holograms).

I’m sure you have some good ideas. No prizes or giveaways … yet.  But help is always appreciated.

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